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Quest: An Obvious Lie

Location: Giran
NPC : High Priest Maximilian
Repetible : NO
Reward : Cat, Racoon, o Rabbit Ear Accessory

1.- First talk with the High Priest Maximilian in Giran, he says you should to go to talk with the Trader Gentler in Magic Shop.

2.- The Trader Gentler beg you look for his "Cat Mickey", that is looking for some herbs, he tells you look for the Cat at the Entrance of Devil Isle.

3.- When u arrive to Devil Isle, look for a waterfall, in the room behind the waterfall, where there is a broken old ship you will find the Cat Mickey. Mickey tells you go to Alligator Island and get 20 Herbs killing Alligators.

4.- When u got the 20 Herbs go to giran and talk with the Trader Gentler.

5.- Gentler will require 500 Spirit Ores, when u give them to him, he will tell you go to the Cat Mickey again because he will give you the reward.

6.- Mickey will tell you Gentler lies to you, so come back to Giran and talk with Gentler again.

7.- When he discovered you know the true. He will tell you... he needs 1000 Threads and 500 Suedes to pay you.

8.- After you give him thoses items, he will make you choose what kind of ears do you like; Cat, Racoon or Rabbit.

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