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Post  Setsuna on Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:38 pm

Quest Little Wing

Lvl: 35
Loc: Giran
NPC: Pet Manager Cooper
Type: Repeatable/ Solo
Reward: Random Hatchling

1. Meet with Pet Manager Cooper. He is near the Luxuary Shop in Giran. Tell him you want to raise a hatchling.

2. He tells you to meet with Elder Cronos. He is located in Hunters Village.

3. He will tell you to meet a fairy. The Fairy is in Enchanted Valley.

4. Here you choice Deluxe Fairy Stone or Fairy Stone. I am not sure what the differance is other then for the Deluxe stone you will need more mats.

5. I choice the Fairy Stone. On the list that Cronos gives you, you will see what you need for this stone. 10 coal, 10 charcoal, 3 silver nuggets and 1 D grade Gemstone.

6. Meet with Maria in Dion's Grocery Store. She tells you that you will need Toad Lord Back Skin.
These are located in Cruma Swampland.

7. Return to Maria in Dion. She takes all the items and gives you a Fairy Stone.

8. Time to meet with Fairy Mimyu. Easiest way to get there is to Teleport to Northern Enterance to Enchanted Valley. You will have 1 aggro on you. If you pull it smart that will be the only mob on you.

9. She takes the Stone.

10. She tells you to meet with a Drake.

11. There are a few Drakes to meet

Drake Kalibran is the easiest to find. Run from Oren Town. Where the Timak Orc Overloads are, he is up the hill.

The Drake asks you to hunt Road Scavangers for the Eggs. He gives you a scale and takes the Juice that the Fairy gave you. These are on the road of Death Pass. You will need 20 eggs.

12. Return to Drake Kalibran when you have all 20.

13. He will take the scale and 19 eggs.

14. Return to Fairy Mimyu in Enchanted Valley.

15. She takes the last egg that you have. She gives you a Dragonflute. Remember this is random.

Congratulations! You now have a hatchling.

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Post  Setsuna on Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:43 pm

Little Wing's Big Adventure

Lvl: Hatchling lvl 55
Loc: Hunters Village
NPC: Wiseman Cronos
Type: Repeatable / Party
Reward: Dragon Bugle

1. Meet with Elder Cronos in Hunters Village. He asks you if you are ready to have your hatchling transform into a strider. Silly question. But he can only tell you how to do it. He sends you to Fairy Mimyu in Enchanted Valley. She will help you.

2. Fairy Mimyu is not far in from the Northern Region of the Enchanted Valley. She needs you to summon your hatchling here. She is impressed with your commitment of raising him. She tells you about 4 fairy trees (Fairy tree of abys, Fairy tree of wind, Fairy tree of a star y Fairy tree of twilight). These trees are protected by the Ghosts of the Tree Guardians. Mimyu will give you 4 Fairy Leafs.

3. First tree is Fairy Tree of Twilight. Your hatchling needs to attack the tree. But when it does the Ghosts will start to attack. You must kill them. If the tree dies a lot of ghosts will spawn and kill you and the hatchling very quick. Do the same with the others trees

4. When you have done all 4 trees return to Fairy Mimyu. She takes the hatchling and returns
a strider to you. Congratulations.

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