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Repent Your Sins

Loc: Floran or Hardin's Private Academy
NPC: Black Judge
Type: Solo/ Repeatable
Reward: Remove your PK's

1. Speak with the Black Judge. Ask her for Redemption. She tells you to go and see Magister Joan at Ivory Tower

2. Magister Joan is on the 3rd Floor of Ivory Tower. She tells you that she needs Trisalim's Venom Sacs.

3. To get these you have to hunt the Trisalim Tarantulas out at the Sea of Spores. You will get it at each kill. You only need 3. These are the only ones aggro in the area.

4. When you have all 3 return to Magister Joan at Ivory Tower. She takes the sacs and tells you to go and see the Black Judge again.

5. Go back out the Black Judge. She will hand you a Manual of Manacles and tells you to go and see Blacksmith Puskin in Giran.

5. You don't need to see the blacksmith yet. You will need to collect the following items.

1 Blacksmith Frame
10 Coke
10 Silver Nugget
2 Adamantine Nugget
5 steel

6. Now go and see Blacksmith Pushkin. He takes all the items and the Manual of Manacles. He then hands you Penitent's Manacles.

7. Now back out the Blacksmith. She tells you all about the Sin Eater.

8. Now time to go and hunt with the Sin Eater out. You can then name it anything you wish. But remember you need Food for Wolves and rez scrolls. When he dies rez him as soon as you can and get the xp back.

9. You will not get any xp as for your Toon only on the Sin Eater. But it goes faster then normal.

10. When he lvls you can return to the Black Judge. She will randomly take 1-10 pks off. I luckily only had 1 PK so I had mine removed.

Note: During you time with the sin eater and lvling it you can not switch over to your subclass or main class. You will lose your manacles.

When you return to the Black Judge and she gives you the plain manacles you do not have to craft and get the mats for the manacles. Just take the manacles to the Black Judge and she will reactivate the quest that way

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