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Loc: Hardin's Private Academy
NPC: Hardin
Reward: 67,550 adena and Transform Spellbook - Onyx Beast

1. Speak with Hardin at Hardin's Private Academy. He is one of those talkers so make sure you listen. Long story short he wants you to meet with Errickin in Hunter's Village.

2. Errickin is in Hunter's Village Dark Elf Guild. He needs you to go and collect some "filthy unpleasant souls" ectroplasms

3. These you can get out at Forest of Mirrors from the Ghosts. You can obtain 1-2 per kill. Yes you get them each kill. You will need to collect 35 of them.

4. Return to Errickin in Hunters Village. He thanks you and takes the ectroplasm. Let him do his magic. When you talk to him again you will need to take this Stabilized Ectroplasm to Hardin.

5. On return to Hardin he still has not learned you have other things you need to get done. So he again talks your ear off. He does take the Stabilized Ectoplasm

6. He hands you Orders and tells you to speak with Clayton in Dion's Dark Elf Guild.

7. Clayton needs you to go and get some missing key ingredients for this. So go and defeat some Mordeo in Cruma Tower.

8. When you go into the tower and go down the ramp. Go to the left side. Go through the first room then you will see Mordeo. You will only need 5 crystals and you do get 1 per kill

9. Return to Clayton when you have them all. He takes them and hands you a Blank Stationery.

10. Return to Hardin. This time he finally makes your ears bleed from him talking. hehe. You must drink the concoction. Now the quest is done and you are rewarded with 67550 adena and Transform Spellbook - Onyx Beast.

11. To learn this skill you must go and see Transformation Wizard Avangard at Ivory Tower on the 2nd floor. Click on Learn Transformation. You can only learn the skill of the spellbook you have.

12. In your skills you will find the Transform Onyx Beast. You are unable to use any other skills while it is in affect. This skill will last 30 minutes.

PS: This quest give u the ability to transformation so u can get any other transformation scroll and just add it.
PS :This quest its for subclass skill certification too so u if u want to add some special ability to your main class just go to yours subclasses Guild Master, then certification skill option (in the magister NPC) then u got a Book for add 1 ability u are able to get 4 books the last one is a divine trasformation. To add any ability just go to Ivory 2nd floor Transformation Wizard Avangard NPC and click on certificated skill.

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